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Bad Robot Mystery Project Revealed

Part 2 of last months mystery project is revealed.

Last month Bad Robot released a mysterious teaser trailer entitled Stranger, with no explanation whatsoever. And recently the company released part two of the trailer (above), shedding some insight as to what the project is.

Conceived by Bad Robot head J.J. Abrams and written by Doug Dorst the book, called S., is a truly unique entry to the medium. The project is about the relationship between grad student Eric and college senior Jennifer. We see their relationship through notes written in the margins of a fictional 1949 novel written by “V.M. Straka”. The S. package contains Straka’s novel, the handwritten notes of Eric and Jennifer, and various pieces of ephemera collected within the novels pages such as newspaper clippings and a napkin with a map scribbled on it. To ensure the loose material isn’t lost the package is shrink-wrapped.

Abrams spoke with EW about the project, “I could not be more excited for people to get their hands on this book. It is difficult to describe because while it is a compelling mystery and love story, it is also much more than that. The work that everyone has done on S. is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Frankly, I’m amazing it was even possible to do this project at all.”

It certainly sounds like an intriguing and one-of-a-kind project and it will be very interesting to see the final book when it arrives on October 29th.



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