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The Flying Man Short: What if a silent flying being just appeared?

Marcus Alqueres provides an answer to the question with his short film.

Everyone knows the story of Superman, the alien who arrives to Earth to become the world’s superhero saviour. But what if he just appeared in the sky and said nothing? He simply executed his own law and justice without a word, and in a pretty gruesome fashion? Marcus Alqueres explored the scenario in his short film The Flying Man and has set the internet abuzz.

Alqueres is known for his special effects work on the likes of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 300 but is looking to make the move to the directors chair with the hopes of turning this short into a feature-length picture. The short itself takes a unique approach to the superhero genre, as it feels a lot like a horror with “The Flying Man” as the silent serial killer. The premise is certainly an interesting one if Alqueres can find a backer to fund a feature-length version, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine it being picked up.

To view the superhero short click here.



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