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Queen to release a new album with unreleased Freddie Mercury songs

Brian May reveals the news, plus a sequel to We Will Rock You.

queen freddie mercury brian may

Big news for Queen fans today, as legendary guitarist Brian May revealed some big news.

In an appearance on BBC Radio to discuss his new book, Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, but it will be his announcements regarding the group that he is most recognised for that will make headlines.

After he called ‘Made in Heaven‘, the titular song from the 1995 album, his favourite song he said, “I’ve just been doing something very similar because we found a few more tracks with Freddie singing and all of us playing and they’re quite beautiful. People will be hearing this work toward the end of the year.”

Apparently the album is likely to be called Queen Forever, featuring material mostly recorded in the eighties. “It’s a compilation but it will have this new material on which nobody in the world has ever heard and I think people will really enjoy it,” May said. “It’s the big, big epic sound. It wouldn’t have been if we hadn’t have done this restoration job. We only had scraps, but knowing how it would’ve happened had we finished it, I can sit there and make it happen with modern technology.”

He went on to say that a a sequel to We Will Rock You, the musical based off the work of the iconic band, is in the works. “We are working on a sequel, yes,” he said. “In fact, we’ve already very secretly and quietly workshopped, which means you stand it up and get people to sing it and act it. Everybody loved it, so we’re looking for a theatre and we hope to have a sequel out there at some point. More than this, I cannot say. It’s a little naughtier than the first one.” We Will Rock You author Ben Elton will return for the sequel.



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