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WWE Raw Review: June 9, 2014

WWE Raw Review

As has been the recent trend, the big story of the night was The Shield. Only this time, it was the follow-up to last weeks big shocking news: Seth Rollins betrayal of them. Rollins finally broke his silence on the topic in an in-ring sit-down interview with Michael Cole, stating that he was the brains behind the group and put them together in the first place as a business move. Very logical explanation, sets up perfectly for his transition and mindset. His new generic music leaves a lot to be desired though.

The Shield’s remaining members, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, were hell-bent on getting revenge. First taking out their anger on 3MB, who foolishly called them out. This led to a good promo, particularly from Ambrose, laying down the work for them to launch an attack on their former brother. Surprisingly, it was Rollins that called them out when he had finished explaining, looking like a noble villain for standing his ground. Until it was revealed that The Wyatt Family had his back. John Cena made the save, because apparently his issues with Bray are still not over.

This all led to the main event, a six man tag that saw Ambrose, Reigns and Cena defeat The Wyatt Family. A strong main event, although Cena felt out of place teaming with The Shield and it is a shame to see that his Wyatt feud is still not over. It is also a shame how easily the Family were dispatched considering the story was asking how the two could function with a random third member who would have trust issues (something that never came into play during the match).

The show opened with a great in-ring segment from The Authority, who stripped Daniel Bryan of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It will now be up for grabs in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Alberto Del Rio is already in the match (although Stephanie thought he qualified on SmackDown), Randy Orton was added to the mix (he had been given the night off) and two more qualified during the show.

Sheamus defeated fellow secondary champion, Bad News Barrett, in an excellent match. The fans were behind the heel BNB for the most part though, and Sheamus and Del Rio hardly feel like attractive prospects for either a Money in the Bank Ladder Match or a World Title match. Cesaro later qualified by defeating Rob Van Dam in another good match. Paul Heyman‘s promo before it was another amazing display of crowd manipulation with all his Lesnar home town baiting.

Elsewhere, Paige defeated Alicia Fox, who turned on her friend Aksana after the match in another crazy rage. Jack Swagger defeated SantinoRusev defeated Zack Ryder (again) but not before Lana embarrassed Barack Obama’s workout video for the puny weights on display, something that showed Vince McMahon as incapable of putting aside his own personal political views for the sake of trying to get the 1980’s USA gimmicking to work, as the crowd laughed with Lana rather than raging against her. Bo Dallas defeated Xavier WoodsThe Usos quickly saw off Fandango and his interpretive dance partner, Damien Sandow – who is becoming quite a crowd favourite with his comedy antics. RybAxel also saw off Goldust and his newest partner, R-Truth, and later in the night Cody promised Goldust the perfect partner for him next week.

Overall, an eventful show with three good matches that were all given a good amount of time. The shorter, foregone conclusion matches all served a purpose and never felt entirely pointless. Money in the Bank is building up, slowly, but it is getting there. The actual ladder match is looking quite lacklustre at the moment though thanks to the inclusion of Sheamus and Alberto, who don’t add much to proceedings in terms of threat of winning or entertainment value.

4 stars FTR



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