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E3 2014: WWE 2K15

wwe 2k15

WWE fans are used to waiting anxiously for updates on the latest entry in their gaming franchises, THQ would usually leave them waiting until SummerSlam for the bulk of the news, but 2K have at least released some information at E3 this week.

Visual Concepts, the team behind the facial recognition scanning in the NBA 2K games series, are reportedly taking a bigger development role this time out alongside the usual Yukes. Several superstars have already been known to have gone through this process already this year, including Hulk Hogan, which may surprise some considering that he is known to be in the game as a classic version – the motion capture would suggest a modern day version also making an appearance.

Visual Concepts have also reportedly set up a studio containing an actual WWE ring to capture animations for a more realistic pace and flow to the action. The cut-off date for roster members and content has been moved later in the calendar to make the game feel more up-to-date than THQ’s efforts that took its roster from WrestleMania (with one or two additions from the weeks after).

GameInformer are reporting that they have seen comparisons between photos and game models of John CenaAJ Lee and Daniel Bryan. Only one of the three have been confirmed by the promotional poster on display at E3 that displays Cena alongside Hogan, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt.

There was also a teaser trailer, not featuring any gameplay footage, that further announced the presence of Roman Reigns. Not that anyone would be surprised to see The Shield’s big man in the game, but it is peculiar he was announced on his own without his fellow Shield member Dean Ambrose, and former member Seth Rollins. WWE seem intent on pushing Reigns as a solo performer but they are yet to pull the trigger and The Shield remain the selling point, you would think 2K would capitalise on that.

The audio for the game is being given a long overdue redo, resulting in five times the amount of sound as last year’s entry, resulting in somewhere between 30 and 35 hours of commentary per announcer. For the first time, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler will be recorded together to create a more natural sounding commentary.

WWE 2K15 is due for release on October 31st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.




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