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WWE NXT Review: June 12, 2014

nxt 2014

The big Takeover rematch takes centre stage with this weeks episode of NXT, as Adrian Neville defended again against Tyson Kidd, this time accompanied by his wife Natalya. This proved to be his downfall, as she stopped him using a steel chair and he was soon hit with the Red Arrow for Neville to retain. Kidd had been reluctant for his wife to come to ringside and make the story about her, so this seems to be the path for his character. The match itself was another great bout, and hopefully this series will help to get WWE back behind Kidd as he is such an overlooked talent.

Bo Dallas also returned from NXT despite his ban, comically under the most generic white mask ever as Mr. NXT. He was defeated by rival Sami Zayn after he was unmasked during the contest, before he was carted away by campus security. Alex Riley’s commentary was brilliant in its old school heel feel, refusing to see any similarity with Dallas until he was unmasked. Good comedy work.

The other big story came from the reunited BFFs, as Charlotte asserting her leadership cost the group the match. After kicking a downed Summer Rae out of the ring she found herself rolled up by Bayley for the surprise win for her and teammates Paige and Emma. The group are not functioning at all, and Sasha Banks getting challenged by newcomer Alexa Bliss, presumably for next week. Bliss may end up in the BFFs or at least with Summer Rae in an equal group to rival them.

Big Cass also defeated Sylvester Lefort in a complete throwaway match, while Aiden English‘s backstage singing was interrupted by Simon Gotch who was mime-like. An intriguing backstage segment that bordered on comical, and these two seem destined to become a team – and a potentially fun entertainment duo at that.

3 stars FTR



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