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WWE Main Event Awards: June 17, 2014

WWE Main Event Awards

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: The Wyatt Family vs. Sheamus and The Usos. Good main event, Bray Wyatt managed to score what feels like his first win since his “return” after missing one show following his Last Man Standing loss. The divas effort came close, but the varied action of the different styles of competitors in this one took it just ahead.

STAR OF THE NIGHT: No-one stood out head and shoulders above the pack on this short show, but Dean Ambrose did manage to display good intensity in his short promo when interrupting Rollins, and then proceeded to fend off both him and Kane. He also solidified his new music and look, seeing as The Shield are apparently no more, so a good night for him.

MOVE OF THE NIGHT: Not a traditional move, but Naomi not helping her partner Cameron in her bizarre heel turn. Naomi managed to pick up an impressive victory over Divas Champion, Paige, and remained sporting after the match despite Cameron’s overzealous celebrating and the fight between her partner and opponent.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “I believe the time has come for the dirty ones to soil the world.” Bray Wyatt at his finest when talking about him and The Wyatt Family having opportunity to capture championships at Money in the Bank.

WORST OF THE NIGHT: The continued uselessness of Kane. He serves no purpose right now. He would be better having some time off, or defeating a string of jobbers to build some threat back. His appearance here consisted of coming out to increase the numbers game against Dean Ambrose, but getting easily dispatched. Some demon.

MOST AWKWARD: While The Usos ended their interview with their standard “Uce” “O!” shouts, and the crowd joined in with the “O!” as always, Sheamus added a scream of “Brogue!” after each “O!” Awkward enough, but with the crowd not even acknowledging him it became even more obviously out of place.

SHOW REVIEW: Pretty good show in terms of storytelling. Rollins had his huge announcement to open the show, as there will now be a second Money in the Bank Ladder Match – for the traditional briefcase – and he is the first entrant. The delivery was good, Ambrose’s interruption was good, their story progressed nicely after their work on Raw.

Cameron and Naomi’s apparent break-up got set into motion, as Naomi refused to join her partner’s egocentric celebrating after her non-title win in a surprisingly good match. The Wyatts scored another victory over their Tag Team Champion opponents, and Bray got a win to get some momentum rolling for the Ladder Match. Even Rusev’s squash match was incredibly fast, and Lana took the time to actually explain who the Russian Mount Rushmore were, as no one seemed to recognise them on Monday.

4 stars FTR




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