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WWE Raw Awards: June 16, 2014


WWE Raw Awards

STORYLINE OF THE NIGHT: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The two former Shield brothers will meet one-on-one at Money in the Bank (although not officially announced yet) and this was the best work the two have done since Rollins shocking betrayal two weeks ago. Ambrose coming out in street clothes to attack Rollins during his match was a great way to show the hatred he has for him. The brawl was good, and Triple H forcing Ambrose into a match he clearly wasn’t prepared for (street clothes) against the Intercontinental Champion was a logical move. As was Rollins trying to distract Ambrose to cost him the match, followed by their brawl through the crowd that caused Ambrose to get counted out. Ambrose stands tall tonight, but the true achievement was making this feud display the hatred it should. But that wasn’t it. Ambrose came down during the closing match to fend off Rollins and Orton who were ganging up on John Cena.

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler. Despite facing off several times over the past few weeks on Main Event and SmackDown, this is their first encounter on Raw in the series and the two went at it in a thrilling match. Perhaps the best thing about this contribution to their mini-rivalry is that it protected both men, as Ziggler – despite taking the Curb Stomp – didn’t actually lose the match thanks to the interference from Dean Ambrose.

STAR OF THE NIGHT: How appropriate that the star of the night would be none other than Stardust. There had been pretty good build-up and anticipation to who Goldust’s mystery partner would be this week, with Cody feeling so confident about it last week. When the time came, very few people were expecting this. Cody was once again teaming with his brother, but this time he was his own version. Clad in gold and black and acting with the kind of bizarre, sexually ambiguous mannerisms and mind games that made Goldust such a success in the Attitude Era, Codust may be the key to finally boosting him up the card.

MOVE OF THE NIGHT: The Usos and Sheamus were unlucky to miss out for their unique ladder move, that saw Sheamus hold the ladder in place for the brothers to simultaneously run up it and dive off. Unfortunately for them, Kofi Kingston was in a Battle Royal. His newest way to avoid elimination saw him bounce back from the ropes with a hurricanrana, which Swagger caught and tried to use to throw him out, but Kofi finished off the move to eliminate him.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: JBL‘s response to King saying “I wanted to see him [Putin] shirtless on a little pony,” with “I bet you did.”

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Anyone who has seen the episode will not have any surprises here. Vickie Guerrero‘s “story” for the evening saw her continuing her coffee runs for The Authority. This time it got ridiculous as Roman Reigns put something in Stephanie’s coffee that apparently causes projectile vomiting? Naturally, this led to Vickie being thrown up on (at impossible angles) and putting Reigns in the battle royal.

HYPOCRITE OF THE NIGHT: Guest star and “Big fan of WWE” Kevin Hart has no idea who Adam Rose or Fandango are and Cole has to explain to him the love triangle between Fandango, Summer Rae and Layla. Immediately after labelling him such. Bonus point for hating the Rose song but immediately after his win joining in with the celebrations with excitement.

UNNOTICED MOMENT: This award almost went to the fact that Roman Reigns selfishly got Vickie Guerrero fired just to get entry to the Battle Royal (and later didn’t help his “brother” Dean Ambrose making the save during the main event), but something bigger went unnoticed. Both Rusev and Bo Dallas lost their undefeated records by being eliminated from the Battle Royal. Two undefeated streaks broken in a match that was literally created to be “The Roman Reigns Battle Royal.”

NOD TO THE PAST: After Bo Dallas eliminated Rob Van Dam, recent nemesis of Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett, the two embraced in a hug. But Barrett apparently hasn’t forgotten their brief feud over the championship in January last year, as he broke the hug with a Bull Hammer Elbow to the “inspirational one.”

SHOW REVIEW: A mostly good episode this week, absolutely filled with chaos. If the segments between Roman Reigns, The Authority and Vickie Guerrero were removed then this show could have fitted in with the days of old. Both of the solid opening matches broke down into brawls between two rivals, Reigns forced his way into the Battle Royal to qualify for Money in the Bank and the main event was a fun Stretcher Match – which itself broke down into gang interference.

Not everything was good though. The previously mentioned vomiting angle was painful, as was the angle around guest Kevin Hart. Sheamus’s rebuttal to Bray Wyatt’s strong promo was so weak he was left without fan support for the match that followed and Cameron’s random heel turn to fight Paige made no sense and produced a poor match. Overall, a fun show that did a good job of moving forward to Money in the Bank.

4 stars FTR



3 thoughts on “WWE Raw Awards: June 16, 2014

  1. It was a good show but i agree the whole vomiting thing was not the best idea. I am a bit concerned that Ambrose and Reigns were separate all night.. seemingly with different entrance music etc. I hope that WWE don’t just ‘forget’ that they are still a team.

    Have to wonder what now lays ahead for Kane now as well. Not much for him to do now Daniel Bryan is injured.

    Nice blog mate. I am following you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back. Thanks 🙂


    Posted by jc12oc | June 18, 2014, 2:30 pm
    • Thanks, I too am really wondering what WWE are thinking with regards to The Shield. Especially seeing as Ambrose didn’t come from the crowd, and Reigns has basically kept the entire gimmick.

      I think Kane is done for a while, he may get a brief story when Bryan returns so he can get his revenge on him, but I think that’s it now. He just isn’t a threat.

      Thanks, I’ll check out it out.


      Posted by Philip Frazer | June 18, 2014, 2:35 pm
      • Yeah i agree. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kane announced his retirement within the next year or so. He has nothing else to prove and WWE are clearly running out of story lines for him.

        Thanks mate!


        Posted by jc12oc | June 18, 2014, 2:52 pm

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