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Doctor Strange Writer Found?


Doctor Strange has been a long gestating project at Marvel Studios, one that fans and head honcho Kevin Feige have been wanting to get on its feet for years. Recently it has begun making progress, first finding a director in Scott Derrickson and now they are in negotiations with Jon Spaihts to pen the movie.

Spaihts is perhaps best known for writing reboots, being responsible for the first draft of the frequently rewritten Prometheus movie and he is currently writing The Mummy reboot for Universal. A first draft has already been written for the movie by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, so some form of story is already in place for Spaihts.

Created in the 1960s, Doctor Steven Strange is a neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme with magical powers. His personality is similar to that of Tony Stark, and Marvel will no doubt be hoping to recapture the charismatic performances of Robert Downey Jr. The men currently being eyed for the role are Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, as well as the previously mentioned Academy Award winner Jared Leto.



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