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10 Current WWE Superstars You Won’t Believe Haven’t Won A Singles Championship

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In modern wrestling, championships are as much as an accessory as an accomplishment. Long gone are the days where the label “Former World Champion” was a true validation of a wrestler, or that sixteen World Championship reigns was viewed as the ultimate achievement. Now we have people like John Cena (14-time), Triple H (13-time) and Randy Orton (12-time) exchanging titles for fun.

Even less value are held by the once prestigious Intercontinental and United States Championships. Once the strap for the number two guy in the company, they are now little more than a sign a newcomer is destined for a push (although the non-title losses that come with it generally curtail it).

With championships changing hands so frequently and with little needed to be done to earn one, it can come as quite a surprise that some superstars are still yet to hold a singles title. Complete newcomers such as Rusev and Sami Zayn are not considered for the list, and for the most part, the people in this list haven’t even won singles gold in WWE’s developmental territories.




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