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WWE NXT Awards: June 19, 2014

nxt 2014


Tyson Kidd‘s slow burning heel turn was once again the focus of the night. His arguments with wife Natalya may have felt more designed for Total Divas, but they actually helped to show Kidd’s changing mindset as he struggles with forging his own path of success. The idea of Tyson being in Natalya’s shadow would be more logical had she actually had a successful career herself, as it is she is the same as him – an underutilised talent. But the character change still works, and his frustration at his failed attempts to capture Neville’s NXT Championship has finally led to him solidifying his heel turn by abandoning Sami Zayn in their Tag Team Championship match and, presumably, start a new feud with him. Which could produce some of the finest matches of the year.


Tyler Breeze vs. Kalisto was an excellent exhibition for both men. The result was inevitable, it is the number one contender facing a newcomer, but both men got to show off a wide variety of offence and Breeze got to show (like against Zayn at Takeover) that he can go through a battle and still emerge victorious. Something that is vitally important considering the “pretty boy” gimmick.


A close run contest this week, but NXT’s newest tag team gets the nod. Not Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn, but Aiden English and Simon Gotch, The Vaudevillians. This silent movie throwback (with sound) team are a wonderful gimmick, and their theme music caught on instantly with the crowd. This act has the potential to work both as annoying heels or as fun faces, and it will be very interesting to see how far the gimmick can be taken. The backstage and entrance black and white filter is a good touch that, unlike Sin Cara’s lighting, could perhaps work on their matches.


Colin ‘Big Cass’ Cassady was already an uninteresting act, but his random burst into song during his interview – and even more random mid-line cut-off – just seemed like a desperate attempt to add something new. But Aiden English is already doing the singing gimmick – much better too – and Tyler Breeze sings his own theme song, so does NXT really need another singer?


Another good week of NXT, which is expected now. Several stories were advanced effectively – the BFF infighting, Tyson’s turn, The Vaudevillians coming together – and the NXT Championship picture also looked good with number one contender Breeze winning a great match and Adrian Neville in line for a match with Rob Van Dam next week.

4 stars FTR



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