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Shane Black Rebooting Predator


It may not be Arnie, but one of the cast members of the original Predator is returning to the series. Shane Black may be known more as a writer/director, but back in 1986 he appeared in front of the camera as Hawkins.

Hollywood Reporter have broken the news that Black will spearhead 20th Century Fox’s reboot of the horror franchise. He is set to create a treatment for the latest entry, before handing over actual scripting duties to Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker.

Black made a name for himself co-writing and directing last year’s Iron Man 3, which has led to his name banded about for several projects but he looks set to return to familiar territory. His credits include writing Lethal Weapon and writing and directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

This isn’t his first association to writing duties on a Predator picture, having turned down approaches to get him to re-write the original before he agreed to the role of Hawkins.

While many will need heavy convincing to get on board for a reboot of the franchise, it was to be expected after the failures of the Alien vs. Predator movies and 2010’s Predators. Whether original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will return is unknown, but it wouldn’t be the first time Black had written a movie for him, having been on script duties for Last Action Hero.

Black is currently busy on both The Nice Guys and Doc Savage, so he won’t be free for a while to begin working on the new Predator.




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