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KENTA To Finally Sign With WWE

KENTA bryan

It has been reported for months now, but WWE are finally set to unveil the signing of Japanese star KENTA.

Tokyo Sports are reporting that KENTA will be officially announced as a WWE superstar in a press conference being held in Tokyo, Japan on July 12.

Trained by the legendary Kenta Kobashi, KENTA is a major international star who has achieved huge success in places such as Pro Wrestling NOAH and Ring of Honor. At 33 years of age, he is already very decorated as a former GHC Heavyweight, Junior Heavyweight, Tag Team, Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champion.

WWE have long searched for a superstar for the Japanese market, with Yoshi Tatsu being the most recent failed attempt. In the past WWE have had Taka Michinoku and Yoshahiro Tajiri, who ended up being relegated into comedy tag team roles. But with Rey Mysterio’s career winding down and leaving a gap in the Mexican market that WWE have failed to fill with Alberto Del Rio or Sin Cara, the Japanese market is looking increasing necessary.

KENTA’s size should also not prove to hold him back the way that Michinoku or Tajiri suffered, with revered independent wrestlers of smaller stature such as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk becoming main stays of the World Championship picture.

KENTA may be best known to WWE fans as the man responsible for creating CM Punk’s finishing manoeuvre, the ‘Go To Sleep’. Daniel Bryan also adopted his ‘Busaiku Knee Kick’ for his own running ‘Knee Plus’ finisher.



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