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WWE SmackDown Awards: June 27, 2014

WWE SmackDown Awards


Surprise surprise. The story of the night was once again between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Rollins made a decent promo in his segment with Orton and Triple H, but their feud truly continued after Ambrose’s win over Bad News Barrett. As Ambrose fought off Jack Swagger, Rollins attacked him from behind. It was good to see Rollins taking the role of aggressor for once, while Ambrose was simply a helpless victim. Before delivering the Curb Stomp to the downed Ambrose, Rollins reeled off a line that perfectly sums up their rivalry heading into Money in the Bank, “I’ve got my eyes on you. You don’t ruin this for me.”


The tag team clash between the two different Money in the Bank Ladder Matches was the best of the night. It lacked competition in honesty, but not to take away from the efforts of Dolph ZiggerRob Van DamAlberto Del Rio and Cesaro. A truly enjoyable tag team match, enhanced further by Paul Heyman’s delightful commentary. It will come as no surprise that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship contending team got the victory, but Del Rio getting the victory over Van Dam may surprise. Del Rio is an unthreatening presence right now, whereas Cesaro is a hot property. Cesaro soon stamped his authority with a post-match cheap shot on his partner, hitting him with a Neutraliser.


A rare moment as the award is a shared honour amongst rivals. There was little to separate Randy Orton and Roman Reigns, who both had great nights for the final show heading into the pay-per-view. Orton was at risk of falling into his old lackey role while with Triple H and Seth Rollins, but he showed an edge that demonstrated how he remains an individual among the alliance. But it was his interruption of the main event that boosted him, as he used Kane as his lapdog to lay waste to Reigns and ascend the ladder to take down the championships. After ignoring his ally to pose, Orton took a moment to get ruthless with his foe – setting up his signature Punt.

However, Reigns had other plans. He got to his feet and countered it with a huge Spear, before delivering one to Kane as well to stand tall to close the show. Reigns had dominated his match with ‘The Demon’ and was booked strong, even if the match was dull and predictable.


Naomi talking about her partner Cameron, “She talks all the time. That’s what she does best.” Judging by her commentary performance on Monday, that might be the biggest insult Cameron has ever received. And she once got told this.


Michael Cole told Paul Heyman that “You would know all about being rude wouldn’t you, Paul?” to which he got the reply, “I did manage Rick Rude back in the day but I don’t know what that has to do with anything.” Commentary genius.


Another shared award as Cameron and Stardust both showed a lack of character depth. Cameron was typically poor, both in her match with Paige and in her post-match trouble-causing. Paige and Naomi didn’t look much better either thanks to being gullible enough to fall for it.

Stardust struggled in his interview segment thanks to Cody using his normal voice. Because of that, when he did his more bizarre things they felt like a forced imitation of his brother. If the Stardust gimmick is to work, it has to be all in. No standard Cody voice, all straight up weird.


Bad News Barrett had a night that was sadly ironic for the Brit. First, Triple H continued to steal his catchphrase before sending him to a non-title loss to Dean Ambrose. As if that weren’t bad enough, he separated his shoulder when thrown against the barricade by Jack Swagger, putting his Money in the Bank involvement into serious doubt.


A decent enough show, the matches were quite fresh combinations but hampered by predictability and a short run time. Not much of the action was newsworthy, and no true storyline development happened thanks to the go-home Raw being the standard set-up for pay-per-views nowadays.

2 stars FTR



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