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WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Awards


MITB 2013


The traditional Money in the Bank Ladder Match was by far the best contest of the night. It didn’t just provide the best spots, it also told a solid storyline. Kofi provided his usual attempts to steal the show, and alongside the likes of Rollins and Ambrose, he achieved it. Ziggler’s lack of involvement, instead of doing the opposite, actual prompted his appearances to be a rare moment that mattered.

The Rollins and Ambrose story was the driving point for the feud, and despite the comedic moments, it never felt like it wavered from its focus.


Fandango and Damien Sandow’s comedy efforts almost got them the nod on a night where so few people stood out thanks to being lost in a predictable shuffle. Kofi Kingston was electric fun, Reigns again got to look dominant even in defeat, Rollins was impressive and won, but it is their former Shield team mate that looked a star. Dean Ambrose‘s frenzies for revenge, including a return from injury and a slow, desperate climb that ended in being screwed out of the briefcase all work to make Ambrose the night’s MVP.


When Kofi Kingston began setting a ladder up between the top rope and the rungs of another ladder, it was clear that something was being prepared for. What actually came was a surprise to everyone. Seth Rollins was back body dropped from the top of the ladder onto the propped ladder, which bounced him into the air, along with the ladder, and sent him into the ladder he just came off. Very high risk move, looked brutal and very, very impressive.

The most innovative moment and equally high risk, came in the main event match. Once again with a ladder propped through the rungs of another ladder, this time the main ladder was tipped to move the support onto the middle ladder, and leaving Cesaro dangling. He then swung around to join Sheamus‘s side, before the ladder was tilted back to its original state.


As expected, the Layla and Summer Rae match was the worst of the night. The only saving graces it had were the reactions of Fandango and the fact that it was kept fairly short.

Worst moment however goes to a different person. John Cena, once again overcoming the odds to win his fifteenth World Championship. Predictable, boring, stale and the last thing that the vast majority of WWE fans actually wanted.


Brie Bella somehow not only has control over WWE programming despite being fired a few weeks back, but she also has some kind of superpower that allows her project her phone onto TV screens simply by pointing it at someone she is talking to. Especially impressive considering Stephanie would not want WWE broadcasting that footage of her and and she actually holds the power.


A fun show with only one truly bad match (Summer v Layla). Yet only the first Ladder Match felt truly exciting, as everything else (and even that) was so predictable. The opening contest and elements of the main event, plus a better than expected path for most of the undercard matches en route to the obvious result just bring the show into its rating. It only scraped it though, could have been lower.

3 stars FTR



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