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Tina Fey’s Disney Witch Movie Is NOT Hocus Pocus 2

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

Earlier today there was news broken that Tina Fey had signed with Disney to produce a sequel to 1993 family comedy Hocus Pocus. But now word has come from Fey’s representatives that that the witch flick that Fey has signed up for is something else entirely.

Fey – best known for writing and appearing in the likes of 30 Rock and Mean Girls – was believed to be leading a sequel/reboot of the cult hit about a trio of resurrected witch sisters, but Deadline have been told that the link is false.

What she has signed up for is tentatively named Untitled Witch Project which she will co-produce with Allison Shearmur (Cinderella). This film is described as being in the vein of Ghostbusters, which would fit better with the previously reported plot that sees a housewife teaming with a ghost hunter to save the day from witches.

Fey is currently busy at work on her next comedy, The Nest, alongside her frequent partner Amy Poehler. The film has just today cast WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, in what is being described as his “first villain role.” If his early WWE days are ignored of course.

As for Hocus Pocus, the report says that Disney currently have no plans for a sequel. But after the buzz generated by the original erroneous reports, maybe that will change…



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