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First Look At Superman In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

It may not be hitting cinemas until the summer of 2016, but Warner Bros. are constantly ramping up anticipation for their huge superhero crossover movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Last month they released images of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman alongside the newest Batmobile, and now is the turn of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

batman v superman dawn of justiceReleased via USA Today, the latest publicity image certainly shows a darker tone for the sequel. More interesting though is the city behind Supes, which looks strikingly like Gotham. Superman appearing in Gotham would make sense of course, given the close proximity of the two and the fact that Batman is joining the fray.

Director Zack Snyder has also been talking to USA Today about the sequel. He praises the job as an enjoyable one, saying that it is “the fun of trying to figure out what to put in front of [Superman] that’s difficult.” Both he and actor Cavill are feeling more comfortable revisiting the character than the first time around. “We’ve both created this guy and we can push him around a little bit,” he says. “The more time I spend with Henry, the more he’s Superman to me.”

As for the involvement of certain Dark Knight, and the adaptation of the seminal Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, that wasn’t a decision that Snyder took easily. “I was in no rush to put Batman in the movie,” Snyder says, “but on the other hand it seemed organic the way our story was unfolding to start to feather him in.” As for the older Bats, he added that “it’s cooler to see a crusty old Batman beating the snot out of guys.”

The battle between the two heroes may have been overstated though it seems. Speaking about their relationship the director was tight lipped, “but suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names [in the movie title].” He said that the choice of ‘v.’ in place of the standard ‘vs.’ was a conscious one “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.” Whether that means that the two will team together faster than expected is unknown, but it seems a safe bet.

As for the countless other superheroes putting in an appearance, Snyder only gave a tidbit on Gal Gadot’s work as Wonder Woman. The comment is potentially aimed at a certain portion of online critics over her casting. “She’s working out and getting buff and ripped.”

Last week we got the first glimpse of Cavill in costume as Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent. He used the opportunity to promote the Royal Marines Charitable Trust by giving them the official release. The charitable organisation supports serving and retired Marines and their families and Cavill is a big supporter of the cause.


These images follow last month’s release of the first official images of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman, alongside the Batmobile. ‘Batfleck’ looks decisively reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, something that should please some of the sceptics.

Joining Cavill and Affleck are Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jeremy Irons as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, plus returning Man of Steel cast members Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on April 29, 2016.




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