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Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Additional Villain Rumours


With Jesse Eisenberg’s divisive casting as Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, the subject of villains for crossover movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has dried up. Recent reports are now suggesting that Zack Synder has a few more up his sleeve.

Latino Review claim that there are four more villains up for the film, although two of them could easily be categorised as henchmen. First up, and presumably the largest role of the four, is Batman rogue Victor Zsasz (pictured above). Zsasz is a serial killer who marks his skin with a tally counting his victims. He will presumably be the antagonist for the Gotham portion of the picture, with Ben Affleck’s Batman hot on his tail.

The next two are both Luthor’s men: Morgan Edge and David Cain. Edge is a PR guy for Lexcorp, essentially his public mouthpiece. To fit the new Luthor, Edge’s back story also needs a change. Latino Review state that “Edge and Luthor were members of the most notorious gangs ever to come out of Hob’s Bay.” The site claim that this revised back story places Scoot McNairy as a frontrunner for the role out of the current cast. Cain is a 50-year-old assassin, one of the best in the world and Luthor’s bodyguard.

In a less physical threat comes Senator Amanda Waller. She doesn’t trust Superman and treats him as a threat. The sceptical government seems a recurring theme for Snyder’s Superman it seems.

Batman v. Superman releases on April 29, 2016. If the wait seems too long, check out the latest images released this week.



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