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WWE Main Event Review: July 1, 2014

WWE Main Event Review

The originally scheduled main event between Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro was unfortunately changed thanks to Cesaro suffering an eye injury on Monday. The show opened with Paul Heyman on top form explaining as much, telling the crowd they should be booing Kofi Kingston and not his client. The segment then broke down as Ziggler, Big E, RybAxel and RVD all interrupted in turn to set up a six-man tag team main event. For some reason, Kofi Kingston was not chosen for the face side, despite the mini-feud in place with Cesaro – there was no word of Kofi being too injured for the evening.

The big story of the match itself saw Cesaro trying to avoid competing in the match due to his eye injury – which was covered by an eye patch. Cesaro was forced to fight, and did so, until Ziggler tore off his eye patch. Cesaro soon came back into it aggressively, and the match became a standard six-man. Cesaro’s horror week continued though, as he took the losing pinfall to Dolph Ziggler, making him 0-3 this week.

The rest of the show was fairly standard minor show action. The Wyatt Family, complete with their newest bad theme, made easy work of R-Truth and Xavier Woods; and The Funkadaktyls once again defeated Nikki Bella in what was essentially another handicap match, but officially had Alicia Fox added as her partner as Stephanie McMahon tried to make things “fair”. Surprisingly, no dissension amongst Naomi and Cameron here, but Cameron continued her heel traits.

Also, Sheamus’s July 4th open challenge was accepted by Alberto Del Rio. The move was clearly done to remove any minor excitement that the open challenge had, to remind viewers that they don’t really need to tune in to SmackDown. But in a double turn, WWE also reminded viewers that they should view it, but advertising Chris Jericho addressing The Wyatt Family! Crazy times.



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