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WWE Raw Review: July 7, 2014

WWE Raw Review


WWE’s hottest feud continues to be the heated rivalry between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Reigns and Kane opened the show with a dull promo from Reigns, before a decent enough brawl between the two. Kane just doesn’t feel like a true threat though. Reigns continues to be given his push by taking pot shots at John Cena, which seems just too easy and short-sighted but could work.

Orton and Ambrose had a good match, which ended with the surprise of Orton getting a clean win. This was probably the second best match of the night behind the excellent opening contest that saw The Wyatt Family defeat The Usos in a non-title match. Rollins versus Cena was a fairly flat main event, with an even more anti-climactic ending. Orton and Kane ambushed Rollins, Reigns came for the save. As is now a weekly occurrence. In a change-up, Rollins then floored both Cena and Reigns with the briefcase before doing his own re-run: cashing in, being stopped by Ambrose. Fortunately, their brawls are still exciting so that can be overlooked. Unfortunately, it left Cena and Reigns in the ring to pat each other on the back. Going against everything established between the two already, and providing some uninteresting television in the process.


It is unfortunate for the renewal of The Miz that WWE chose to go with the predictable Jericho win here, but it was no doubt good for the Canadian crowd. Miz picking up the win thanks to Wyatt involvement would’ve been a much better outcome than Bray interrupting Jericho immediately after the match. What we got was a solid promo from Bray, as usual, but Miz was made to feel like a non-entity here in the match that could have – and arguably should have – closed the show.


  • Cesaro lost again to Kofi Kingston and tried to attack him post-match, but Big E made the save. Not quite sure where the story is going with this one but Cesaro needs to recover the momentum he is losing by these losses to an established jobber.
  • Alberto Del Rio won a United States Championship shot against Sheamus on Main Event. No one is interested in their latest clash, just as no one was on Friday. Ziggler was the man who got beaten for this, thanks to Fandango delivering a lap dance to JBL to distract him. Surprisingly, not as big an exaggeration as you’d think.
  • Sheamus himself came out to destroy the fun of Damien Sandow’s latest impression, as he saved a stale Bret Hart segment by coming out and being a more entertaining version of Hart – who is notoriously poor on the microphone.
  • Bo Dallas defeated El Torito but it was played like bullying even though Torito made the challenge.
  • Rusev defeated Rob Van Dam, Zeb Coulter laid out a challenge in a pre-taped video that only aired to viewers at home.
  • The Funkadaktyls finally broke up, brawling after Cameron lost their tag match with Paige and AJ Lee, who were getting along too well considering the strange story playing amongst those two. Despite Naomi’s ferocious shot throwing, Cameron no sold everything to make sure people lose interest in the break-up.


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